Ai ….. using Ai ??

Not really a post this one, just a quick hi lighting of a recent article in The Guardian that has only just come to my attention (I have been a tad occupied) ... We "thought" the photojournalistic branch of photography would be safe (or should be.....) Maybe the choice was made because they knew it … Continue reading Ai ….. using Ai ??


Putting it all together (Workflow pt. 6)

Camera, Images, Action !! To paraphrase a well known saying. If you have followed these last few posts you will know that we are sending images from Lightroom Mobile to ShutterSnitch where we have configured Metadata & FTP locations to send the images to. Now lets tie it all together. Accessing the gear icon for … Continue reading Putting it all together (Workflow pt. 6)

Quick FTP Setup of ShutterSnitch (Workflow pt 4.5)

This post is just going to be a very quick How To configure sending images to an FTP server., I mentioned previously that the key to this app are the Actions and this is where we need to head to configure sending. Use the gear icon in the collection to access then click Edit. Create … Continue reading Quick FTP Setup of ShutterSnitch (Workflow pt 4.5)

Have You Meta data ? (iPad Workflow pt 4)

This post is a duplicate from one a few years ago but with some additional ideas for using collection names with a few more examples showing how flexible the system is. From our last post we are at a point where we have exporting images from Lightroom to a collection of images in ShutterSnitch with … Continue reading Have You Meta data ? (iPad Workflow pt 4)