Updating my Websites

When was the last time you updated your website? …. I think I have updated the design maybe one or twice but I kept the same provider (zenfolio) without looking at the option of switching providers despite finding & reporting problems (which were never solved). Of course the work displayed on the site ​was continually updated.


Quick FTP Setup of ShutterSnitch (Workflow pt 4.5)

This post is just going to be a very quick How To configure sending images to an FTP server., I mentioned previously that the key to this app are the Actions and this is where we need to head to configure sending. Use the gear icon in the collection to access then click Edit. Create … Continue reading Quick FTP Setup of ShutterSnitch (Workflow pt 4.5)

Have You Meta data ? (iPad Workflow pt 4)

This post is a duplicate from one a few years ago but with some additional ideas for using collection names with a few more examples showing how flexible the system is. From our last post we are at a point where we have exporting images from Lightroom to a collection of images in ShutterSnitch with … Continue reading Have You Meta data ? (iPad Workflow pt 4)