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Revised Workflow 2022

Pt1. Albums, Folders & Importing Images: Here .

Pt2. Filtering, Selecting, Editing & Presets: Here.

Pt3. Exporting from Lightroom Mobile: Here.

Pt4. Adding Metadata for Sending to Papers: Here.

Pt5. Setting up FTP: Here.

Pt6: Automating the Metadata & Sending: Here.

Pt7: Downloading send images from Shuttersnitch: Here.

Pt8: Sync Setting & Captioning in Lightroom Classic: Here.

Older Workflow Posts

Connecting a Fuji Camera to an iPad Wirelessly & importing images: Here .

Importing images to Lightroom Mobile 5.x onwards: Here .

Editing & Selecting images then exporting for sending: Here .

Editing images , attaching metadata & sending: Here .