5 thoughts on “iPad Workflow Part 3 : Exporting

  1. Hi Julie,
    Really interesting post as I am fascinated by how many different options there are to work these days and I enjoy seeing how different people use the technology.
    I would be interested to know if you have ever used Filterstorm Neue, and if you have any thoughts on it. I use it, it’s not perfect but it has got me out of a hole a few times.
    I have not been an Adobe user for several years and never missed it, but I’m always interested in returning back to it if it’s improved on previous versions.
    I’m a CaptureOne Pro user on my desktop and I’m interested in their new iPad version but not made the jump yet.
    As always, great info. I luck forward to your next instalment, cheers Paul


    • Hi Paul – thank you for the comment. I Used Neue a few times after it was recommended to me but I just could not get on with it – I (think) the issue was that the captioning seemed so long winded and flakey (for me – i might be wrong)


      • Yes, totally agree. I personally create pre-written templates whenever possible and copy and paste them in but it can be very awkward if working on a job where I can’t do that.
        I’m hoping for an IOS version of PhotoMechanic to come along one day, not holding my breath though.
        Great info as always, look after yourself,

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  2. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for the ipad update. I can see how a tablet work flow is the way forward, but I currently work in reverse to your process…caption first, then edit.
    If only Camera Bits would release an IOS version of photomechanic


    • I used to do the same. Still do on the laptop in the office as the captioning is part of the Photomechanic Ingest Process (for me). However sometimes you just have to take a step back and think of other ways of working. My process was I wanted to move to the iPad so from there I looked at, “right ok, how can I make this work” and then “how can I make this work as fast as a laptop”….


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