7 thoughts on “ShutterSnitch

  1. Hi Julie, thanks for going into the details, so helpful for other togs getting set up.

    At my last red carpet I managed to use Shuttersnitch on my iPad Pro for sending out, using the SD card reader to ingest. I ingested nearly 500 images without photos crashing! Not sure if Apple fixed something or I was just lucky.

    Not quite as quick as my workflow on my Macbook Pro yet but it’s getting there.



  2. Thank you Julie. This post has been really helpful and I have managed to get set up with my Fuji X-T2 though the Wi-fi connection seems a bit hit and miss. One problem I am having is sending photos through to Alamy. When I send a batch through for news the first image gets through ok and the rest get rejected for ‘processing errors’. Alamy can’t seem to explain why. Just wondering if you have had this problem at all? Tempted to give up on the iPad and get a laptop!


  3. Hi Julie, this has been a great help. I have a question about code replace. I see in your screen shot of the Metadata task, you include Photo Mechanic code replace variables, like suppcat1:pc and DAY XXth. Are you able to get Shuttersnitch to read those ?


    • ShutterSnitch has its own which you can access from the options at the bottom of the screen (XX) Icon when editing your metadata…

      They include:
      Capture Time
      Collection Name
      Exit user comment
      File name


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