Lightroom Mobile 5.1 Workflow & Exporting

Last week I wrote about importing photos into Lightroom directly from the camera/card. This week I will continue with the next stage of my workflow. Yes I have written so much about iPAD workflows, this is because unlike my Mac workflow, my iPAD workflow is continually evolving as the software and platform develops.

The result of last week’s post was a named album of images for a project. All with just the basic copyright metadata and no other information.

My iPAD Pro is fitted with the keyboard cover and I also use the pencil with it. These 2 additions make important improvements to the workflow.

The first step is to pause the syncing (in fact I do this before the import as it is safer if the images are on the iPad only). Next enable a filter – to show only unflagged photos.

Click on the first picture and switch to edit mode. If the image is to be rejected hit the X key (just as in the desktop version). Due to the filter, the image will be hidden and the next image displayed.

If the image is a keeper, adjust as required, switch to the metadata view (the i icon) and type the basic subject in the title. (this will be picked up later – if many are the same, use cmd-c to copy the text to be pasted into the next image). Switch back to edit and press p to select (tap in the image area). The image is flagged and the next image is displayed (due to the filter).

Repeat until no images remain.

What happens next depends on your requirements. Maybe switch the filter to rejected, select them all and delete before un-pausing the sync to upload the images to the cloud and desktop.

To transmit the images to the newspapers or agencies, switch the filter to display flagged images only. These are the keepers.

Note: As an aside, the fastest way I have found to select all the displayed images is to hold down on a single image until it is selected, then click the box in the upper left corner. It changes from a minus sign to a tick. The share button can now be clicked to export the images.

Each export option contains it’s own settings which are far more detailed than in previous releases. Use the More Options to expand the settings. As each has it’s own settings it is now possible (for example) to configure the Save to Camera Roll to save a smaller image with a watermark suitable for social media whilst the Share To… option exports an image suitable to newspapers

For Social Media
For newspapers via shuttersnitch

Another big step forward is the share to now enables a direct export to a shuttersnitch collection.

I will not go into detail into shuttersnitch again as I have covered it so many times in detail. However I will show that the Title we added in Lightroom Mobile has indeed transferred and if used carefully, the metadata presets can build a full caption.. I will go into the shuttersnitch metadata editor in the next post.

A preset without a title but with a caption built from the title and capture time….
Image with caption

Once captioned the image are sent using the relevant action(s). See here for exporting actions…

This workflow shows images coming direct from the camera into Lightroom, on to the end recipient without hitting the photos app once, make the whole process faster and easier to manage.

Let me know your thoughts, I would like to hear from you.


5 thoughts on “Lightroom Mobile 5.1 Workflow & Exporting

  1. Thanks for posting these Julie. I saw your posts on the Alamy Forum (MDM there) and they inspired me to check out Lightroom Mobile again on my iPad. It works really well and I can even import directly from my Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera which has only XQD cards but the adapter works well and is really fast even for those 45MP files.

    Which brings me to a question – I don’t do much live news but I would like to be able to occasionally upload to Alamy live news when out and about. As you know this requires adding a headline. I figured using the Title field might work but it is not transferring over to Lightroom desktop Headline field. So is using an intermediate like Shuttersnitch is the only way to go? I haven’t got Shuttersnitch at the moment and it appears to be subscription only on the App Store so I am a bit reluctant to invest in it as I may not use it very much. Is there an alternative or is Shuttersnitch the way to go then? Thanks


    • There are other options. Look at Filterstorm / Filterstorm Neue . I don’t think the flow is as good. You can see from the final images in the post that shuttersnitch works really well and the support is great. The subscription is not really that much…


      • Just had a look at Filterstorm Neue on the App Store and it looks a bit uncared for so will probably give that a miss. I will check out Shuttersnitch as I won’t miss $30 a year. It might inspire me to get out and do some thing for Alamy live news or at least be ready if I need to be. Thanks again.


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