Not another site or blog on Fuji X-Cameras? Surely the world has enough of them?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

Many of the existing blogs that feature how-to’s of these cameras are by Wedding Photographers or “Street” shooters. I’m neither of these, I’m a press photographer; a genre where we are often led to believe only DSLR’s can do the job, well to be honest, I’m fed up with carrying two (very) heavy SLR’s along with the associated big “glass”. I’m also fed up with paying the  prices dictated by Nikon & Canon for there designated “Pro” cameras.

My main business website contains a blog of my work but I wanted to keep this separate. That site is really for my clients and prospective clients to learn about me, how and why I shoot and what I produce. This is purely a technical blog for photographers and I do not think the 2 can be mixed.

Arcadia at Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm on 27/06/2015 at Worthy Farm, Glastonbury. A couple stand back, arm in arm and watch Arcadia at dusk.

I’ve owned Fuji’s for a few years now, starting with the original X100 (which I still carry around in jpg only, mono mode) but it’s only with the latest firmware (Version 4.0) for the X-T1 that I have decided these cameras are (almost) up to the job and I am going to switch. I say “almost” because there will be problems and issues; The focusing may be sorted but the flash system certainly isn’t and so this blog will detail my findings, musings and settings.

What is without doubt though it the image quality these cameras offer. If that had ever been in doubt there is no way I would have come to the decision I have. Image quality has always and will always be paramount. By designing a new system from the ground up Fuji have managed to get phenomenal image quality out of these smaller bodies, lenses and sensors, something that the other manufacturers have not been able to do, mainly because they were not willing to walk away from their old lens mounts and systems (and existing customers would not let them).

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm on 28/06/2015

I’ll try to keep this a place of serenity but I’m sure there will be times that it is not.

In my next entry I will try to explain why these units produce images comparable to the Full Frame DSLR’s I am leaving behind.


3 thoughts on “Why??

  1. Hi Julie,
    that was a great appetizer 🙂 I am so curious of your next article. Most of the time I am doing Film Stills with my Nikon D800 but recently I tried out the x-T1. I got some weird looks but the press department was satisfied (never realized, I believe). Thanks for the time you put into this! Cheers, Maike


    1. Hi Maike

      I have also used the X100 and X-1Pro on film sets and in recording studios…I’ll try to bear in mind these situations in a later post.



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