The Long Problem: Part 2

Footnote: Just as I was publishing this the Metabones adaptor was delivered. If the packaging is anything to go by, this is going to be a very good investment. Thats how I finished off The Long Problem: Part 1.

The adaptor in its (superb) packaging next the the Nikon 300/F4

I have now had this adaptor for just over a month and have used it on a number of jobs. Cutting to the chase, it lives up to it’s supurb packaging giving a secure reliable mounting for (in my case) the Nikon 300mm/F4.

Corporate Golf Day. X-T1/Nikon 300/F4/ISO1000

In addition to providing a more secure and reliable mount, the adaptor differs from the lower cost items by its graduated and ‘geared’ aperture control. All of these adaptors ‘adjust’ the aperture using the  ‘blade’ that potrudes from the older F-Type nikon lenses (and not the newer electronic control of the newer lenses and hence unable to control the aperture on the newer G-Type lenses). The lower cost products link to this blade directly meaning real control is almost impossible with the lever having such a short throw. The metabones product seems to be ‘geared’ having the minimum to maximum about of almost 1/4 turn with a numeric scale marked, (I assume) to correspond with full F stops, meaning full control is possible (if not very precise).

Sadiq Khan at the Labour v Lobby XI Football Match on 27/09/2015 at Brighton and Hove Albion FC’s American Express Elite Football Performance Centre. X-T1/Nikon300/F4/ISO1250

This results in the lens  being far more usable (either in aperture prority or full manual modes). In either of these modes the EVF (on the X-T1) gives the correct exposure feedback (as you would expect) meaning the less precise aperture control is manageable.

Showing the aperture scale

Focusing the Nikon 300 in this setup is tricky and definatly requires the 2x zoom in the EVF offered by the F.A. Focus Assist button. I also (still) find it far more sensitive to “camera shake” than using the lens on a Full Frame DSLR, I could try and compare this with using the lens on a Nikon D200  (cropped sensor Nikon) but it’s probably not worth the effort.

Corporate Golf Day. X-T1/Nikon300/F4/ISO1000

The colours are definatly slightly different through this lens compared to the Fuji products but it is possible to get perfectly good, sharp images.

Party Leader Tim Farron MP takes questions from the delegates at the Liberal Democrat Autumn 2015 Federal Conference. X-T1/Nikon300F4/ISO4000

Overall it’s definatly a usable, although slightly slower to use, solution until the Fuji long lens is released.

300/F4 mounted on the X-T1 via the adapter with the 50-140 shown alongside for size comparison.

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