Social Media & Watermarks?

Did you notice? How could you not notice? For the first time in the 8 years this blog has been running I have performed a major site overhaul – new theme, colours and layout.I have kept it different from my main sites but the colour match.

And oh, what a subject to bring in this new look!

This new blog look includes advertising and features donation options. I won’t keep going on about this but obviously this blog takes time and effort, there is a lot of good technical material here that will save you time and money in your photography business). If it has, why not offer just a little back to me. Every little counts as they say.

Those that follow my work and social media know I am the House Photographer for the Mark Kermode in 3D show held at the BFI every month and every month I post images of the guests and the show on Social Media which Mark then shares.

Regular followers will know I tend not to post or shoot “run of the mill” images, I often visualise monochrome portraits as I work and try to shot images that are a “little different”, like the image of actor Brian Cox above. Brian was a particularly expressive guest but I chose to put this image out of him in a quieter moment.

It’s no surprise that Mark Kermode has very many more followers than I so when he shared the image on his socials, it got far more views, likes and comments…….

Ah yes … comments … Everyone is an expert …

To be honest, the comments made me laugh, it may not be the best image from the evening but I wanted to share something different.

The fastest way to mediocrity is to try and please everyone and not be controversial.

Here are a few more of Brian (all shot on the X-H2S & 50-140mmm) ..

Which neatly leads me onto the subject of one of the comments


Instagram User

I choose to look at it this way.

Would you expect a legal firm to send a document out into the wild without it being on headed paper?

Do all your electronic goods have the manufacturers name on them?

Of course they do because these are examples of the producers products. Well these images are my products , I manufacture images so why should I send them out into the wild without my manufactures mark?

Do those who are offended by watermarks remove the manufacturers name from their television or car (even though they have paid for them) ? Of course not! Well pay me for my images and I will remove the marking!

I know the watermarks offer a minimal protection as they are fairly easily cloned out but as our images are often re-posted without my knowledge or approval and without payment, surely its fair that we get a minimal of advertising from this?

Watermarks for online images are one of the most discussed subjects. What do YOU think about them, and WHY? Comment below..


4 thoughts on “Social Media & Watermarks?

  1. I have always watermarked my work, except of course when i have sold images, in which they get a hi res image with no mark, because they have paid for that. I watermark my work mainly becaus i like the work, and wanty others to know where it came from, simples!

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  2. Hi Julie, very interesting and I agree with you about watermarks. I hadn’t actually thought about it in comparison to a manufacturer’s name on a product or car, etc, but that makes perfect sense.

    Your watermark is very discreet but I notice it doesn’t actually contain any web address or contact details, do you think you’re possibly missing out by not including that? Have you considered maybe having a QR code which can be very discreet but also contain a lot of information?

    See you in Cannes!


  3. I’m a fan of watermarks. It’s a piece of creative work and deserves a signature as would a piece of artwork. It also means people who like your work who want to discover more or hire you can find you. And that’s the point. As a discoverer…i would want to be able to. And I don’t think it takes away from the image. I actively encourage photographers I work with to give me watermarked images, because I believe in their talent and want them to get other work enquiries

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