A follow up to my recent post about Photography Competitions and the WPO

Boris’s facebook statement…..

2 weeks ago I wrote “Is all what it seems when it comes to Photography Competitions?

Now there is an update – the creator of the image refused to accept the prize (see the above statement on facebook). Additionally there is a twitter thread that is highly interesting where one attendee at the event suggests the audience did not know what was going on and his refusal could not be heard in the room. Obviously I cannot confirm or comment on this either way.

Looking at the press release which is dated 13th April it can be seen that the image & creator under discussion is no longer listed and the open category Creative does not list a winner…

So lets consider. The awards took place on the 13th and yet I picked up on this issue 2 weeks ago following articles that have been online since 1st April.

Do we really believe that the Sony World Photography Awards were not made aware of this before the ceremony? Or has it been an elaborate April fools?

Either way – how can they be taken seriously now?


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