X-H2S Firmware Update Ver.3.00

I’m a bit slow to do this update but having a little time free on this trip before I fly home I thought I would update all the cameras I have with me.

I found this video about the AI technology (updates) in the X-H2s quite fascinating.

TBH in the next few months I will want to upgrade a second X-T3, it was going to be an X-H2 (not s) so I had a more versatility but I am now no longer sure as I love the speed of the s version. I can just expand my GFX kit to allow me to shoot more on the street & landscapes (as I have done on this trip).

4 thoughts on “X-H2S Firmware Update Ver.3.00

  1. Hi Julie,
    I updated the FW on my H2S recently. To be honest I didn’t notice much difference. Also, whilst so much better than the X-T3, the AF for me doesn’t work quite as well as that video would suggest!
    Of course that could be purely down to user error!
    I assume I’m using them to their full AF potential. When shooting moving people for example I have found that I prefer the Wide/Tracking AF with Face Detection on and set to AF-C.
    I have a H2 as a second body and don’t notice which camera I’m shooting with whilst using them both simultaneously.
    I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.


    • Hi Mike

      I am seeing something close to that video – although not picking up quite to fast after the target disappears behind then re-emerges from an obstacle . I am also now also using AF-C on Wide/Tracking, something I would not have dreamed of a while back (pre- X-H2).

      I only have the H2s at the moment so cannot comment about the H2 comparison although when it comes to the X-T3, there is no way I would risk using it in AF-C/Tracking for people. One thing I would note is that the tracking is (fairly obviously), very lens dependant.

      I have only just updated the firmware so I cannot be 100% sure on how the update has affected the performance.


      • Cheers Julie,
        Interesting you’re now using the Wide/Tracking too with AF-C. One thing I haven’t experimented with is the AF-C setting – rapidly appearing subjects, accelerating objects etc. I leave it on the ‘Multi Purpose’ one. I’m a wimp but I should really try out the other settings!
        Lens wise, I presume the newer lenses are the more accurate and faster to focus. Not necessarily the fastest lenses, but I might have made that up? I don’t use the fast primes (tried them in my early Fuji days but never got on with primes) but do use the fastest zooms. Having that I’m loaning the 50 f1 next week for a low light job.

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