Tip tap tappy – Writing on the iPad

So much of my writing on here has been about my iPad workflow and software (apps). This is a very quick post about my latest additions to my iPad and they are actually not apps!

Since I got the M1 based iPad Pro I had been using a Gold and Cherry keyboard along with my older series 1 Magic Mouse. The keys on the Gold and Cherry were quite good (I would say on a par with most apple keyboards) but the trackpad had a few annoying issues which swapped apps or called up the task window if scrolling near the top of the pad.

This trip I have updated to a Brydge Max+ keyboard and Magic Mouse 2

The upgrade is a revelation!

Brydge Max+ on iPad 12.9 Pro

I would go so far as saying this is the best keyboard that i have used on any apple based device – be that a desktop, laptop or iPad. The keys have a lovely tactile surface and a really good amount of travel. The trackpad is large and very smooth.

The keyboard starts up he connects to the iPad almost instantly (unlike the gold and cherry) and with Face ID enabled the iPad unlocks as soon as the home key is pressed.

Tap-to-click settings

Being made of Aluminium the keyboard adds a lot of weight to the iPad but it does mean it is more balanced on the lap or table when in use.

The trackpad is a lovely size, smooth and with tap to click enabled, a joy to use with many of the iPad gestures available on the pad. The only issue I have suffered so far is my palm moving the cursor once or twice as I typed, but then I used to suffer that on my Macbook Pro when I first got it also.

I have mentioned the Magic Mouse 2 here as this also offers improvements with the iPad over the Magic Mouse 1. Firstly it is smoother but most importantly, the scroll function of the mouse works (which it does not on the series 1).

Looking at the image above it takes a double take to see that this is an iPad and not a laptop. With it set up this way it begs the question “why stick with the less functional iPad over a Macbook, say a Macbook Air?”

Well, first of all I like the simplicity – I am less likely to go down a “rabbit hole” playing with different softwares and configurations.

Secondly, I like the versatility – on a train or in another tight space I can lift the iPad off of the keyboard and work with just a mouse.

Thirdly, the apps (software) are getting more and more versatile and powerful every day. Working with Photoshop (which is developing rapidly) using the Apple Pencil directly on the image is a joy. I also use affinity Photo and Publisher in this way.

Finally, it is just a lot less fiddly. My iPad is on a contract, I get upgrades, it’s on a mobile network 24/7 meaning I can send directly from it without worrying about tethering and cables etc.

With the M1 chip, high speed thunderbolt connection & direct internet its just a great platform when on the road.


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