Adding photo content to the Portfolio website

This post is going to look solely at publishing images from Lightroom on to the portfolio site.

The key thing to remember here is wether or not you only use Lightroom Classic or wether or not you use Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile, if you are using an Adobe Photography Plan, the minimum cloud storage you have available is 20MB

Photography Plans

All images that are in the cloud storage are available to all of the platforms in the plan. So, how do we copy images to the cloud?

Important Notes:

If using Lightroom Classic - it is a copy in the cloud; the master file stays in it’s location on your local storage. This is something that is often misunderstood (there is so much mis information in forums from “experts”). Should you cancel your photography plan at some point, all the master files remain on your local system.

If using Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile, the master image(s) are in the cloud.

All of the information that follows refers to Lightroom Classic.

Images are copied to the cloud from Lightroom Classic via Collections. (This is usually available in the left panel). Collections are a way of gathering images that may reside in any storage location into a single, well, collection. Yet again, the image file itself does not move, or is not copied, a collection just contains a number of pointers to images (like virtual copies if you will).

The image above shows my Collections in which I have built a folder like structure of Collection Sets to host the actual collections.

As I work mostly on my iPad, I have a Jobs collection set, a Workflow collection set and a Projects collection set which is where my website portfolio collections reside.

To make a copy of a collection in the cloud, right-click the collection name and choose Sync with Lightroom. With synchronisation enabled, collections of images with the same name will be copied to the cloud. Be aware the Smart Collections cannot be syncronised to the cloud.

Although some of the menu items names have been tidied, it is clear they correspond with the collection names above.

Once the synchronisation is complete, the collections will be available to add to the portfolio site.

Use the + Icon in the left panel on the portfolio editor and select Lightroom Album

Browse to select the required collections. Collections already attached will not show.

The collection (in this case East Beach Studios) is added to the grid.


Although videos may be stored in all the variants of Lightroom, Adobe Portfolio will not import them in to the website.

Selecting Manage Images allows the addition of captions (although you should have already added them in Lightroom) and the re-ordering of the images via dragging.

In the next post I will finalise this series buy looking at how to change the look an feel of the site; layout, colours and fonts

Until then…

I hope this has been useful. You know where to ask questions… 👇👇👇 .. In the comments.



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